Our Impact

Food Waste

Nearly 60% of food goes to waste in Canada, and we think that’s dogsh*t! EarthPup is on a mission to end food waste by upcycling unused food into delicious treats. We use nutritious juice pulp and imperfect or surplus produce. Although our treats are delicious, please, save them for your doggo!

To date we have rescued over 1,300 pounds of food from going to landfills! 

Plant-Forward Recipes

Meat consumed by cats & dogs is responsible for 25-30% of the environmental impact of meat consumption (Hewitt, 2017). We are reducing this impact by creating plant-forward recipes but with that meaty flavour pups love! That’s why our House Burger and Chicken Pot Pie recipes are 81% plants.

Plastic Waste

We are so proud to be Canada’s first Certified Plastic Negative pet brand! Made possible with rePurpose Global. This means we offset 200% of the plastic used in our operations. In other words, for every pouch of EarthPup treats purchased, the equivalent of 2 pouches is removed from the environment and recycled.

Our founder, Lucy Cullen, is also an ambassador for two global plastic waste organizations, eXXpedition and rePurpose Global. With her expertise in reducing waste within business operations, you can be sure we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact.

Why don’t we use compostable or biodegradable packaging?

We would love to be able to use compostable or biodegradable packaging. But unfortunately, it contaminates most waste streams. When there is too much contamination within a bin of compost, often that entire bin gets sent to landfill.

Most compostable or biodegradable pouches require high heat to break down, within an industrial facility. They are not backyard compostable. For example, in the City of Toronto where EarthPup is headquartered, compostable or biodegradable plastic pouches are not accepted in the compost stream. So it actually contaminates that compost bin and is then sent to landfill. 

To learn more about bioplastics, please see the report here

Giving Back

At EarthPup, we believe every pup deserves a safe and loving home. That is why a portion of all EarthPup proceeds go to Friends of Humane Society International. Friends of HSI is a national registered charitable organization working to protect animals through education and awareness, rescue, sheltering, provision of veterinary services and other direct care programs.

Denied their most basic needs, animals suffer terribly in Canadian puppy mills, dog meat farms, and many other situations of cruelty and neglect. Friends of HSI works to give these deserving animals a better future (Friends of HSI, 2021).

Click here to learn more about Friends of HSI